Quarter End Date Date Return Has To Be Submitted To HMRC And Vat Has To Be Paid Date Vat Is Paid If Paying By Direct Debit
January 7th March 10th March


7th April 10th April 
March 7th May 10th May
April 7th June 10th June 
May 7th July 10th July 
June 7th August 10th August 
July 7th September 10th September 
August 7th October 10th October 
September 7th November 10th November 


7th December 10th October 
November 7th January 10th November 
December 7th February 10th February 
 Payroll Month  Date PAYE And NI Has To Be Paid To HMRC  
 January 19th February   
February  19th March   
March 19th April   
April  19th May   
May  19th June   
June  19th July   
July  19th August   
August  19th September   
September  19th October   
October 19th November  
November 19th December  
December 19th January  
STATUTORY ACCOUNTS   (Private Companies)  
 Year End Date Accounts Have To Be Filed At Companies House  
 January  31 October  
February 30 November  
March 31 December  
April 31 January  
May 28 February  
June 31 March  
July 30 April  
August 31 May  
September 30 June  
October 31 July  
November 31 August  
December 30 September  
CORPORATION TAX  (Private Companies)  
Year End Date Corporation Tax Has To Be Paid To HMRC Date Corporation Tax Return Has To Be Filed At HMRC
 January 1 November 31 January (following year)
 February 1 December 28 February (following year)
March 1 January 31 March (following year)
April 1 February 30 April (following year)
May 1 March 31 May (following year)
June 1 April 30 June (following year)
July 1 May 31 July (following year)
August 1 June 31 August (following year)
September 1 July 30 September (following year)
October 1 August 31 October (following year)
November 1 September 30 November (following year)
December 1 October 31 December (following year)

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