GDPR is coming!  The General Data Protection Requirement has a deadline of the 25th of May.  At this point organisations are expected to have made a start on reviewing the data they hold, the consent to hold that data, how they process that data, and how they will comply with a request to delete the data relating to an individual if the individual requests it.  A good place to start if the Information Commissioner's website: 


The Autumn Budget 2017 has been confirmed as taking place on Wednesday 22nd November.  This is now a full budget process, replacing the one in Spring that we all used to know and love - the idea being to give more time for changes to be analysed, discussed and implemented before they go live at the start of the next tax year.


Important updates / changes will be posted here soon afterwards...

Well, that was one of the more boring budgets we've had in a while.  However, boring is good.  It means the government have resisted the temptation to fiddle with loads of taxes and rules.  The headline attention grabber is the cut in stamp duty for first-time buyers, but there are loads of caveats, and will a saving of £5,000 really make much difference when the average house price in Harrrogate is £350,000?


More relevant is the rise in the personal allowance to £11,850 in April next year, and the increase in the higher rate threshold to £46,350. Also the improvements to Universal Credit and business rates are to be welcomed.

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